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Eidos works with organisations to take their key strategic programs into national Conversations and Challenges.

We are a network of partners dedicated to developing ideas through collaboration to improve economic and social outcomes. It works by applying shared intelligence to public policy challenges and building partnerships between universities, governments, businesses and other social partners. Eidos works across a wide range of partners and locations by developing projects which enable the sharing of knowledge and expertise and encourage new ways of solving major public policy and business strategy challenges. Eidos’ long-term goal is to encourage collaborative solutions to major challenges through the application of shared intelligence, evidence and research expertise. It achieves this goal by connecting together its unique network with a wider community of organisations and developing projects and tools which apply their distributed expertise to public challenges.

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"The English Family Foundation has been particularly focused on the growth of social enterprise in Australia for the past few years. It is clear now that we must develop the capability of the sector to explore new approaches to scaling for impact.

We partnered with Eidos as their framework is an innovative way for us to open this issue up to hear national voices. In June this year, Eidos and the English Family Foundation brought together twenty national leaders at the Brisbane Powerhouse who tackled and framed the challenge of growing the social enterprise sector, an issue of strong interest to the English Family Foundation. Essentially asking how can social enterprises in Australia be made more capable and able to achieve higher impact?"

Allan English
Chair, English Family Foundation

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Passing on the Eidos Baton

Eidos Chairman Narelle Kennedy announced on the 20th of February that founding chief executive, Bruce Muirhead, will depart at the end of February 2018, after fourteen-years as Chief Executive.

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