Media Release - February 20th 2018

Eidos CEO, Bruce Muirhead, to depart end of February 2018, after 14 successful years

Eidos Chairman Narelle Kennedy announced today that founding, chief executive, Bruce Muirhead, will depart at the end of February 2018, after fourteen-years as Chief Executive.

“In his time as CEO, Bruce has led Eidos from an idea, into one of Australia’s most innovative public policy think tanks. Our network of trusted partners and supporters is wide” Ms Kennedy said.

“Bruce has been a marvelous CEO and we will miss his leadership, passion and persistence, but we look forward to seeing him continue innovating in the public policy arena. The Board, and our partners, acknowledge his pioneering efforts to promote the public interest and to influence social and economic change for the better.

“Bruce’s impact on public policy has been strategic, positive and sustained, reflecting his passion for good ideas, evidence-based policy and rigorous research. We’ve benefited from his authenticity in building relationships with stakeholders.

“Eidos will continue its pioneering work of changing the way Australia’s important social and economic challenges are solved, by tapping into the diverse and imaginative ideas of the crowd. We look forward to recruiting our new CEO and expect a strong field of candidates. Bruce said:

“I am extremely proud that I have had the chance to take Eidos from a good idea to a networked and influential organisation. I am very grateful to my four Chairmen, successive boards and loyal staff over the past 14 years.”

“Eidos has evolved over the past 14 years. We’ve sharpened our intent, built great partnerships, and leveraged resources to the best of our ability.

"In my time at Eidos, we have been fortunate enough to spend time with many great leaders, but I recall one that pivoted much of my thinking. It was during an evening spent with Peter Garrett, who was the Minister for Education at the time. Eidos dinners always worked on a guest raising a challenge followed by rich discussion. I invited education leaders from across Queensland that night. Early on in the evening I posed the question to Peter: What keeps you up at night? After a long pause, he responded 'the states'. It was the Gonsky period. We didn't solve his challenge that night.

"Our learning? We will not necessarily find answers to the issues that face education within the expertise of the education sector and it follows that we will not find answers to the issues that face any vertical within the expertise of that vertical. From that night on, I became a firm believer that the greatest ideas are found in a context-adjacent place, with a multidisciplinary approach, and with the expertise of many minds.

“While I am obviously sad to leave, after fourteen-years it is time to seek new opportunities, and I am very grateful to the Board for their support as I move to my next role.”

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