The Eidos Institute Ltd, a social purpose, not-for-profit organisation, to solve Australia’s difficult social and economic problems. It does this by clearly defining such problems, generating wide-ranging engagement, with diverse organisations and individuals, and actively seeking out and test testing solutions.

Eidos was founded in 2004, and since July 2018 has been operationally supported by the QUT Business School. Our strategic direction and activities remain independent of QUT.  The evolving QUT-Eidos partnership has resulted in a number of mutually-beneficial joint initiatives in areas of research, teaching and learning and engagement.

Eidos maintains a foundation partnership with the information-sharing platform, Mindhive, which Eidos developed and successfully commercialised. Eidos has strong working relationships with  a number of Queensland Government agencies, including  Corrective Services, the Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (DATSIP) and the Public Service Commission. These relationships and partnerships are central to achieving our social purpose.  

The Eidos Institute Board is in the process of reviewing its strategy for 2021 and beyond in order to ensure continued impact on its purpose; this involves diversifying partnerships, such as with MinterEllison.

For more information please email Eidos Community Liaison Officer, Ryan Menner: