Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enter?

The first step to submitting for the Social Procurement Challenge is to register your interest. This can be done by creating a profile on the Eidos Challenges Sandbox. Further instructions can be found on the Process and Selection Criteria page.

When do I need to submit my application?

Submissions for the first round must be published publicly on the Eidos Challenges Sandbox by no later than 5pm AEST on Friday the 3rd of November. Any ideas published after this date will not be accepted.

Who will determine the successful proponent of the Challenge Award?

At the end of the first and second rounds the selection panel, made up of industry experts and the Eidos research committee, will evaluate each entry. A list of panelists can be found here. The Final successful proponent of the Eidos Challenge will be decided by the Eidos Research Committee.

Is there funding for travel and accommodation costs for the pitch competition?

Finalists will be required to cover their own travel and accommodation cost for the Pitch Competition.

Can individuals apply or is it limited to organisations?

The Social Procurement Challenge is open to applications from individuals, teams, or organisations.

Do we need to be registered as a charity to apply?

No. Registrants do not need to registered as a charity to apply.

I already have a model in operation which I think is a great fit. Can I put forward an existing model?

Yes. The Social Procurement Challenge is open to ideas in all shapes and stages.

What happens if I have a great idea but don’t want to be involved in implementing it? Can I still submit it?

Yes. We encourage you to submit your idea. When answering the question regarding partners and stakeholders please note that you are looking for someone who can turn your idea into reality.

When will the $25,000 contribution be paid?

The contribution will be made in instalments throughout the six month mentoring period.

Is $25,000 enough to solve this problem?

The 25k is a contribution towards the idea – not total funding for the idea. For example – it may produce a business case that then requires funding.

I have a number of ideas... can I submit more than one and/ or can I participate in multiple teams?

You can submit as many ideas as you want, and participate in as many teams.

What if I have a specific question? Can I speak with someone?

Please send any questions regarding the Social Procurement Challenge to

Terms and Conditions

The Eidos Challenge Terms and Conditions are available here - Terms and Conditions.

How does the Eidos Challenge deal with IP?

We take IP seriously. The successful Eidos Challenge Idea is referenced as a "Project" within the Eidos Network Rules of operating. Participants are welcome to discuss IP with the CEO of Eidos Institute. The rules only relate to the succesful idea.

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