Challenge Process and Selection Criteria

The Eidos Challenge Process

The Eidos Challenge does not follow a typical 3-step grants process of 1) applicants submitting 2) panel selecting behind closed doors 3) winning applicants receive funds and proceed. The Eidos Challenge seeks to enable individuals to collaborate together to develop even richer solutions. The process differentiates itself by allowing Challenge applicants to submit their ideas and then build upon and iterate these ideas based on feedback, interrogation and opportunities for co-design by the Eidos Research Committee, industry experts and other applicants.

Registering yourself/team

The first step to submitting for the Social Procurement Challenge is to register your interest. This can be done by creating a profile on the Eidos Challenges Sandbox. The Eidos Challenges Sandbox is the platform that is used to submit ideas, explore the problem in detail, seek feedback and build on your idea with our research committee and other contributors.

Before submitting your idea, please make sure that you have filled out your profile in full. To do so please visit the Manage Profile page by clicking on the link on the front page of the Eidos Challenges Sandbox. It is also recommended that you read through the Frequently Asked Questions and agree to the Challenge Terms and Conditions prior to submitting.

Submitting your idea

To submit your idea, click on the “Submit Your Idea” image on the Eidos Challenges Sandbox. Once the Idea Management Page loads, select the purple “Add New” button. The submission form will load questions which will need to be answered during submission.

When creating ideas, challenge applicants will see that there is the option to make their idea public or private. Only public ideas will be reviewed by the selection panel at the close of the first round. Once you have saved and published your idea, you will be able to receive feedback and continue to edit your submission throughout the Challenge process.

The closing date for submissions is 5pm AEST on Friday the 3rd of November. Any ideas published after this date will not be accepted.

Round one selection process

Once round one has closed, the ideas will be reviewed by the selection panel made up of industry representatives the Eidos Research Committee who will choose ten ideas which will be progressed through to round two. The semi-finalists will be announced on Friday the 10th of November.

Round two

The ten semi-finalists with have until 5pm AEST on Wednesday the 22nd of November to upload a short video (three minutes maximum) providing a high-level overview of their solution and the impact it will drive in building the capacity of the supply side of Good Procurement. They may also be required to answer several additional questions.

Round two selection process

Once round two has closed, the videos will be reviewed by the Research Committee who will choose five finalists to participate in the pitch competition. Finalists will be announced on Wednesday the 29th of November.

The pitch competition

The pitch competition will be held in Brisbane on Thursday the 7th of December. The finalists will give a five-minute presentation of their idea to a selection panel made up industry representatives and the Eidos Research Committee.

At the completion of the of the pitch event the recipient of the Eidos Challenge Award will be announced.

The Eidos Challenge Award

The succesful proponent and recipient of the Eidos Challenge Award will also receive a $25,000 contribution towards bringing their idea into a reality. Eidos Institute, and its Research Committee, will provide oversight of research and activities throughout the following 6 month period.

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